I Have Who Has: It’s NOT a Game

I have students’ best interests in mind.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has no interest of students in mind but is only concerned with personal gain, being elected into office or getting rich by profiting off the backs of students?
Answer: Policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations

I have the knowledge and ability to not only be involved in conversations and planning about education topics, but to MAKE DECISIONS FOR MY STUDENTS.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has developmentally inappropriate standards that are being shoved down the throats of our children, choking the life out of them along with the joy for learning?
Answer: policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations

I have the professional training and expertise in education?
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has never been professionally trained in education, no experience in a classroom and no knowledge or understanding about what kids need?
Answer: Policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations.

I have the will and power to fight for what’s best for our children and public education and take back my profession so our kids can get what they deserve.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has a power trip status and hidden agenda with no idea as to what is best for children and public education?
Answer: policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations

I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars out of pocket dedicating my life to students’ needs?
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has earned millions of dollars despite the fact their dedication is clearly to themselves and any personal gain they can achieve?
Answer: policy makers, politicians and corporations

I have spent my entire life loving and working directly with students, knowing what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what motivates them, what scares them, what interests them, what bores them, what they enjoy doing outside of school and who they are as people.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has never been professionally trained in education, no experience in a classroom and no knowledge or understanding about who students are or what they need?
Answer: Policy makers, politicians and corporations

I have a sense of urgency, the drive to take back my profession so I can do what is best for your child.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has the courage to stand up next to me, fight to take back public education and demand it be put back into the hands of the teacher. The teacher who knows your child, the teacher who has been trained to educate your child and has ONLY YOUR CHILD’S best interests in mind?
Parents and Teachers everywhere!!!

The time is now. Let’s do it.

Stacy Biscorner, MA, LLPC, NCC

Out of the Mouths of Babes Comes Truth

Amazing personal narrative and opinion piece by Poetic Justice. #2015TheYearoftheStudent

Poetic Justice

Today I read this very moving piece from Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post Answer Sheet – Test-weary second-grader asks school board:’Is that all that matters to grown-ups?” It was the story of a remarkable little 7 year old, Saige Price, who took on the New Jersey Board of Education and formally testified about the lack of play and the excessive testing that she had undergone in her short two and a half years in public school. It really made me sad and it also made me angry. Paige cries out in the middle of her testimony when she is talking about the tests, “I remember being 5 and feeling mad and sad because the questions were always too hard for me.” I cannot fathom being only 7 years old and having such awful memories of being a child and going to school. To me, this is nothing short of…

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An email to my fellow urgent care workers

Amazing letter from an amazing teacher, activist , parent, and friend. Thank you for sharing your words with us. Everyone please read the letter this courageous woman wrote to her fellow workers. #2105TheYearoftheStudent


I work the after school program every day from 3:15-5:45. I’m usually out of the office as fast as I can due to that commitment. I had some time tonight and decided to write you all a long, overdue email.
It’s been one of those crazy days with extreme behaviors all around.
When I talked to a student today, I discussed with him my disappointment and frustration. I wanted him to understand how his behaviors were affecting all the adults in the building. It took quite awhile, but I finally got him to admit to me that he misbehaves because, “I WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU.” Yes, I put it in caps on purpose. He was angry. I was putting pressure on him and he could sense I was upset and he didn’t like it one bit. He screamed it at me and then crawled under my table. I…

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Mandates of and from Our Hearts

Excellent Piece by Poetic Justice. Thanks for listening to the War Report and including our fabulous panel of guests in your piece. WR

Poetic Justice

We are being mandated to death. A mandate is an official order, a commission to do something, a law. I am tired of official orders and of commissions and of the law. I need the mandate paradigm to be shifted now.

I am sitting in front of a blank screen on this Sunday evening – almost Monday morning – just thinking about the mandates we educators are under. We have mandates from our school, our departments, our district, our state, and, yes, from the government. We have mandates to test our young children and mandates to write up goals on our own evaluations based on those tests. We have mandates to enter data every month, every week, every day, and every period of every day. We have mandates to meet in data teams to manipulate and further extrapolate more data from the data. We educators are being mandated to death.

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Stuart Rhoden Speaks

The Importance of Building Trust in Schools for Black Male Students

This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post. 

“In social media, and increasingly in regular media, it seems every day someone is provoking controversy concerning public education. Controversy remains because there is no one way to “fix” public education. One of the things we all should be able to agree on, however is that there is a strong need to better understand and respond to the needs of Black students and students of color.”

Please read the rest of Stuart’s piece…


Check out Stuart’s personal blog at: The Education Provocateur


Thank you Stuart for giving the War Report Permission to use your work in our blog!

Isn’t it Time?


Poetic Justice

Isn’t it time to wake up
to shake off the sleep
the weariness
the dust of despair that keeps our
minds cluttered with meaningless crap?

Isn’t it time to be active
to stop being reactive
to start marching to our own
inner voice that screams at us constantly
to just move onward?

Isn’t it time to embrace the moment
to reach out in hope and in trust
and to risk the plummeting of our dreams
even if our choice is wrong?

Isn’t it time to mend fences
and bind wounds
and reestablish relationships that
once were vibrant and true but now
are lifeless and corrosive?

Isn’t it time to work together
for the children
for our children
for their children
so that our future won’t be threatened
by ignorance, fear, paranoia,
and hate?

Isn’t it time to just love
each other?
Isn’t it time to just respect
each other?

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