BREAKING NEWS – From DC Jia Lee speaks at Senate Hearings – Must Watch

Filmmaker Michael Elliot documents Special Education Teacher, Jia Lee from the Earth School in NYC, who was invited to give testimony before the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, to discuss the re-authorization of No Child Left Behind.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS – From DC Jia Lee speaks at Senate Hearings – Must Watch

  1. Jia Lee is a truly courageous and dedicated teacher to give testimony on the destructive effects of No Child Left Behind , Standardized Testing etc..and how our Public Schools teachers, children, curricculum and resources are suffering because of all the time and tax money spent on these worthless government mandates..and programs…There are probably a majority of honest and caring administrators and teachers who are either misinformed or afraid to call their superiors and legislators out on this Travesty …..They are going with the flow under tremendous stress and many lost their desire to be effective teachers and are quitting a once noble profession..Now add into the mix our children s futures.. The stress, anxiety and time and resources lost from learning and enriching activities from schools..and add to that the parents who are taxpayers and voters…we are beyond outraged that our Democracy and Public Education has been sold out For Corporate Profits…..


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