An email to my fellow urgent care workers

Amazing letter from an amazing teacher, activist , parent, and friend. Thank you for sharing your words with us. Everyone please read the letter this courageous woman wrote to her fellow workers. #2105TheYearoftheStudent


I work the after school program every day from 3:15-5:45. I’m usually out of the office as fast as I can due to that commitment. I had some time tonight and decided to write you all a long, overdue email.
It’s been one of those crazy days with extreme behaviors all around.
When I talked to a student today, I discussed with him my disappointment and frustration. I wanted him to understand how his behaviors were affecting all the adults in the building. It took quite awhile, but I finally got him to admit to me that he misbehaves because, “I WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU.” Yes, I put it in caps on purpose. He was angry. I was putting pressure on him and he could sense I was upset and he didn’t like it one bit. He screamed it at me and then crawled under my table. I…

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